Cactus Fusion - Designer Pet Blanket


We have spent many hours crafting this blanket to blend together 3 of your favorite bed designs- Cactus Garden, Desert Cacti and Succulent Medley. The colors are vibrant and the cacti clusters make for a unique pattern that is once again, proudly our own. The fabric used is ultra plush, almost velvet-like that will keep your pets sleeping soundly- through the night or cold Winters day! Suitable for cats and dogs alike. And at a size of 51" L x 47" W, even our bigger furry kids can stay warm! 

This Cactus Fusion blanket complements our Cactus Garden, Desert Cacti and Succulent Medley pet beds and couch throws and is a harmonious match with the Tropical Leaves design too.   

Machine washable. Size approximately 51" L x 47" W.

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