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Are you tired of the stock standard pet beds found in mega retail pet stores or discount shops, that are made to appeal to no one in particular, especially not you? Mass produced beds in brown stripes, polka dots, tartan, geometric patterns... fabrics that factories seem to choose, not pet lovers. Wouldn't you just love to have more options? Designs that are to your taste, the way you would purchase clothes, furniture and pretty much anything else for yourself?

Stop wishing, start browsing!

It has always surprised us how many pet products are quite frankly... ugly. The dog bed that gets pushed into the corner when visitors come, the smelly bed that your dog goes to straight after it's been washed. Which often means that beds are purchased too small, so they don't take up too much room in our primary living spaces. Shouldn't we have generously sized beds for them to lounge on, that enhance your home decor at the same time?

Imagine having a Summer pet bed and a Winter one, something portable for the car, couch or sleepovers.  A bed that is washable so that it stays flea-free and smelling fresh! With a tough, moisture-resistant insert lining, that is more difficult to chew through than most other beds? Well you've come to the right place!

It all began...

Before we brought our dog home, we went on a shopping spree and bought all the essentials- food, toys, bowls and of course a bed. We searched high and low and found absolutely none that appealed to us. Reluctantly we bought this brown standard wall-style bed and not only did our puppy grow out of it within 4 weeks, she always looked cramped in it (although it was apparently an "ideal" size for her breed). Admittedly it looked cute to see her curled up but more often than not she hung half her body outside of it, as though it was too hot and uncomfortable. To top things off, she would eat her treats in bed (exactly what she was supposed to do as part of "on your bed" training) and after a couple of weeks, it was stained and had an odour. 

Indie's Ugly First Bed

Indie's First Cushion-Style Bed

So we decided to make a bed for Indie that we could wash. A big and airy one that she could stretch out on too. Now for dogs that tend to sleep all day long when left at home, comfort and versatility is paramount. We started selling one size but after only 6 months, we had a full range of 3 sizes in 10 contemporary designs. Our range has grown much bigger in Australia to include blankets, travel mats and couch covers and we plan to introduce more and more of our range into North America in 2019. We work with illustrators and artisans, with designers and leaders in textile. We've done a lot of testing and perfecting to get the thickness of our moisture-resistant bed inserts just right, while the covers feel natural, durable and soft. 

If you're new to the concept of a cushion, futon or mat, try one out, your pet will love it! It's the feedback we hear over and over again from pet owners that have converted over.

We hope you love our pet beds as much as we love making them.
x  Sora & the Indie Boho team





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Our regular M / L / XL beds can be shipped within the US within 1 week! Some locations outside of metro areas may take a little longer by courier. 

Our Indie Eco Pet Beds are available in January 2019 to over 60+ countries!

The average time in transit is 2 weeks. Tracking is available on all orders.                                     

About Indie Boho

Are you tired of the stock standard pet beds found in mega retail pet stores or discount shops, that are made to appeal to no one in particular, es...

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