WATCH A TRAINING VIDEO – "On Your Bed" with That Dog Trainer Guy

The idea of our washable Indie Boho pet beds came from station training at puppy school.

To effectively teach a dog to stay calm on their bed, we need to reward them with plenty of treats. Even once this behaviour is learnt, we want to reinforce it throughout their lives. So no matter what we are doing in the home- working, cooking etc. our dogs will choose to stay on their bed i.e. their happy resting place, instead of tearing through the house!

We love this video from Tim  That Dog Trainer Guy,  filmed at Mr Teddy Bear Dog Grooming Daycare, featuring the young star- Coco.


Watch Tim teach Coco these 3 steps:
Step 1- Lure & Reward
Step 2- Lure all Four Feet
Step 3- Wait for Calm


x Indie and Sora