A Cushion is Ideal for Puppy Training

Dog training can be fun but can also test your patience at times. When bringing a new pup home, one of the first things to try and teach them is to settle down, as they can be quite energetic! And they won't listen to you when they're running laps around the yard or jumping all over small children. Get them used to lying on a cushion, mat, towel, whatever you would like to have on your floor. Warning- your new puppy will bond very quickly with this item! So even though old bath mats and towels can be used, they certainly don't look appealing as a permanent feature in your living room! 

Next when your puppy is calm, reward them with a chewy treat and say "settle". Keep saying it while they're lying on their cushion/mat munching away peacefully. They don't need to look at you or perform any tricks. They simply need to learn that being quiet and lying on the cushion is a behaviour that will be rewarded. "Good things happen when I'm on my pillow". 

Now, whenever I get ready for work or need to go out, Indie can sense it and will lie on her cushion patiently, waiting for her treat as I leave the house. When she sits on her cushion in the car she's calm. It's where she gets cuddles and plays with her toys. And of course, where she sleeps and can stretch out on comfortably. 

Try it and see for yourself!