Melbourne Dog Lovers Show

By Sora Caldwell
on May 11, 2018

Melbourne Dog Lovers Show

On the 4-6th May, Indie Boho exhibited at the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show (DLS), which was held in the grand Royal Exhibition Building. It was a great way for many of our fans and followers to view our full range of products and for many more to discover us for the first time. We were told over and over again that the quality of our products feel even better in real life, which is often difficult to fully appreciate in photos. We loved all the feedback we were getting. This one-of-a-kind expo is the best that Australia has to offer, dedicated entirely to dogs and open to the public and trade, with plenty of samples being handed out and products available for purchase. The first Dog Lovers Expo was held in Melbourne in 2013 and attendance has more than doubled since then. This year the official attendance was over 37,500 visitors over the 3 days. 

Dog Lovers Show Melbourne Indie Boho

Indie Boho shared a booth with the fabulous Soapy Moose who had a huge range of handmade accessories on display- vibrant collars, harnesses, haltis, leashes in contemporary and fun designs that drew customers in. We had one of the most colourful stands at the show and were in a great location, close to Sniffr who we supported with their treasure map activity and prizes. Other stand-out booths were Big Dog Pet Foods and Go Get Me who sell membership boxes, full of treats and toys. There was a lot of entertainment with the Insta Pooch stage, a massive pool set-up outside for dogs to perform in, a stage inside where we caught Katrina Warren a few times (our favourite TV show 20 years ago was Harry’s Practice!). And the pet-a-pooch and dog breed areas upstairs, where children and adults alike could pat a number of dogs.

Melbourne Dog Lovers Show 2018

Thank you for having us Melbourne and for the resellers we have picked up since. And to finish off, here’s Hamish, looking pretty chuffed about the bed he won from our show giveaway!  – Sora

@hamishthespitz   Hamish the Spitz

Indie Boho and Celebrities at the 2018 Oscars Gifting Suite

By Sora Caldwell
on March 17, 2018

Indie Boho and Celebrities at the 2018 Oscars Gifting Suite

If you’re wondering what pet beds have to do with the Oscars, let me tell you! We were approached to participate in an exclusive event in honour of last weekend’s Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. It was a special privilege and not one that we were going to pass up! And what a day it was. We only had 2 hours to set-up but it went without a hitch. Despite the torrential rain, the atmosphere and buzz in the room was unlike anything we’d experienced. So many conversations were had and hundreds of photos were taken but here is a small snapshot of our day.

Sora Caldwell, Indie Boho, pet beds, dog beds, @indiebohopets, Oscras, Academy Awards, media

A month ago we ran a giveaway to invite a local Los Angeles pup to this special event and our lucky winner was Sushi the cockapoo (@sushisaid). Sushi and mum Teresa spent the day with us at the event and they were sensational. Sushi with her gorgeous blue ears was amazingly well trained and laid calmly on our beds while the celebrities came up to pat and admire her. We didn’t quite realise how hectic the day would be so we’re fortunate that we immediately bonded with Teresa and that she fit right into our team. 

Sushi, cockapoo @sushisaid, Indie Boho @indiebohopets, dog beds, celebrity connected, oscars
Then came the celebrities. One after the other they all wanted to chat to us! Our pet beds were unique and vibrant, designs they hadn’t seen used for pets before. And almost every single actor, musician and social influencer that came to the event had either a cat or dog, or several of each. There were so many and they were all friendly and genuine.

Shannon Elizabeth, Patrick Caldwell, Oscars 2018, Academy Awards 2018, Celebrity Connected, Gifting Suite

Patrick’s highlight was meeting Shannon Elizabeth who starred as Nadia in all three American Pie movies, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Thirteen Ghosts, Love Actually, Cursed and a recurring role in That '70s Show. She took a bed for her dog Peanut and has plans to move to Capetown, safe to say it will be the first Indie Boho pet bed in Africa! Shannon, an animal lover herself has been doing a lot of charity work, particularly around rhino conservation of late, having founded the charity Animal Avengers.

Luiz Guzman, Narcos, pet bed, dog bed, Tara Caldwell, Patrick Caldwell, indie boho, gifting suite, Oscars 2018

My highlight was meeting Luiz Guzman. I could recognise him from across the room and was ecstatic when he came over and chatted to us for quite a while. Luiz is a renowned Puerto Rican-born actor, writer and producer and has been in around 80 movies including Out of Sight, Traffic, Boogie Nights, Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love. He also stars in HBO series How to Make it in America and Netflix series Narcos.

Kellan Lutz, Brittany Gonzalez, Tara Caldwell, Sora Caldwell, Oscars 2018, Academy Awards 2018, Celebrity Connected, Gifting Suite Kellan Lutz Sushi cockapoo @sushisaid Indie Boho dog beds

Kellan Lutz and his gorgeous wife Brittany Gonzales were beaming about their aussie shepherd and were huge dog and animal lovers. Kellan best known for his role as Emmet in the Twilight series, has also starred in several movies such as Immortals, The Expendables 3 and The Legend of Hercules. They gave us some advice on areas to target for resellers in the local LA area. Tara and I were impressed at how down to earth they both were, we chatted to them for ages!

Super Corgi JoJo, Oscars 2018, Academy Awards 2018, Celebrity Connected, Gifting Suite

We were very excited to receive a visit from corgi JoJo @supercorgi_jojo and his friend Kilo @kilokilopower. JoJo is an instafamous surfing Corgi and both of these very fashionable LA dogs stole the limelight from Sushi while they were there! Over the next few days we received videos of both corgis snoozing on their new beds... we were given two paws up!

Another highlight was meeting 10 year old actress Mackenzie Hancsicsak who plays Kate in the US series This is Us, which is currently showing on Australian networks too. We feature on her Instagram page @mackenziehancsicsak 3rd March. And German born Stefan Kapicic @stefankapicic who starred as iconic X-men character Colossus in the movie Deadpool, has also been in 70+ films and series.

miss j alexander, Oscars 2018, gifting suite, Teresa, Sushi, cockapoo, pet beds, dog beds, Australian, designer Nikki Leigh, Oscars 2018, gifting suite, pet bed, dog beds, Australian pet brand, designer pet bed

Very funny American Idol judge @miss_jalexander actually laid down on one of our beds and was smitten by Sushi. It was a real treat to meet actor and fitness model Nikki Leigh @nikkileighxo who later posted a video of her gorgeous pup Kodi on our bed (she has 5 million followers on Facebook!). And we also met body artist Jody Steel @artistjodysteel who has over 3 million followers on Facebook. All up, around 150 celebrities and influencers came to the event and I think we got to speak to every single one of them. There were also loads of media, I was interviewed twice for a TV network and Youtube channel (I think I need to work on my TV skills!).

Jody Steel, Oscars 2018, Academy Awards 2018, Celebrity Connected, Gifting Suite

Once we packed up, we all went out for delicious Mexican food. And over the weekend we got to fully appreciate the different areas in LA and even hiked to the lookout of the iconic Hollywood sign. And what impressed me the most about LA was how pet-obsessed the city is. Dogs wearing clothes and jewellery, dogs in restaurants, cafes, juice shops, clothes shops and bars (no, not tied up outside but actually inside the stores). And as California became the first state in the US to ban the selling of commercially bred dogs and cats in pet stores, there was a huge focus on rescue animals in the city, so we'd see a far higher proportion of mix-breeds rather than pure breeds, which I loved!

Sora Caldwell, Indie Boho, Oscars, dog beds, pet beds, @indiebohopets, media

Thanks for having us LA and the Oscars 2018 Gifting Suite, we had the best time and we will be back, now that we’ve received such a phenomenal reception. We are aiming to distribute our product throughout the US in a few months time, so watch this space.

By Sora Caldwell

WATCH A TRAINING VIDEO – "On Your Bed" with That Dog Trainer Guy

By Sora Caldwell
on December 01, 2017

WATCH A TRAINING VIDEO – "On Your Bed" with That Dog Trainer Guy

The idea of our washable Indie Boho pet beds came from station training at puppy school.

To effectively teach a dog to stay calm on their bed, we need to reward them with plenty of treats. Even once this behaviour is learnt, we want to reinforce it throughout their lives. So no matter what we are doing in the home- working, cooking etc. our dogs will choose to stay on their bed i.e. their happy resting place, instead of tearing through the house!

We love this video from Tim  That Dog Trainer Guy,  filmed at Mr Teddy Bear Dog Grooming Daycare, featuring the young star- Coco.


Watch Tim teach Coco these 3 steps:
Step 1- Lure & Reward
Step 2- Lure all Four Feet
Step 3- Wait for Calm


x Indie and Sora

Cushions for your Dog Crate

By Sora Caldwell
on March 26, 2017

Cushions for your Dog Crate

If you're training a puppy and choose to use a crate, what better way to make them cosy than by lining them with a beautiful cushion?

Crates, are unfortunately not the nicest looking home for your 4-legged family member but they do help with training and transport, providing an enclosure that makes dogs feel safe. Often towels are used to cover the base but are nowhere near as comfortable. And they get grubby quickly. And blankets bunch up easily. This is where our cushions can be practical, not only for their ideal size but also for their padded plushness and washability. And with such colourful, fun designs, you and your furry friend will be smiling. 


Ultra-durable inserts, made for destructive dogs

By Sora Caldwell
on February 14, 2017

Ultra-durable inserts, made for destructive dogs

Our cushion inserts aren't the standard type that have tissue-like lining holding together the filling. Ours have been specifically designed for curious (ok naughty) dogs! We use a strong, water resistant fabric lining that even the most mischiefs pup will struggle to tear apart.

Here are some photos to show the difference and how our cushions stand a better chance of lasting.

And if this wasn't enough, the fabric we use on our covers is ultra tough too.

As we print our own designs onto the fabric, we have been able to source the very best in the industry. Particularly on the large and extra large cushions, the fabric is super thick, we triple stitch the edging and use high quality, non-slip zippers. 

We've worked hard to ensure that we are using the best quality materials. In fact, if you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund your money. Now there's a good reason to try Indie Boho Dog Cushion Beds!


A Cushion is Ideal for Puppy Training

By Sora Caldwell
on February 14, 2017

A Cushion is Ideal for Puppy Training

Dog training can be fun but can also test your patience at times. When bringing a new pup home, one of the first things to try and teach them is to settle down, as they can be quite energetic! And they won't listen to you when they're running laps around the yard or jumping all over small children. Get them used to lying on a cushion, mat, towel, whatever you would like to have on your floor. Warning- your new puppy will bond very quickly with this item! So even though old bath mats and towels can be used, they certainly don't look appealing as a permanent feature in your living room! 

Next when your puppy is calm, reward them with a chewy treat and say "settle". Keep saying it while they're lying on their cushion/mat munching away peacefully. They don't need to look at you or perform any tricks. They simply need to learn that being quiet and lying on the cushion is a behaviour that will be rewarded. "Good things happen when I'm on my pillow". 

Now, whenever I get ready for work or need to go out, Indie can sense it and will lie on her cushion patiently, waiting for her treat as I leave the house. When she sits on her cushion in the car she's calm. It's where she gets cuddles and plays with her toys. And of course, where she sleeps and can stretch out on comfortably. 

Try it and see for yourself!

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